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Mountain Fork European FeLion Testimonials
We appreciate updates and continued growth of repeat Buyers since 2005. Also, a heartfelt thanks for your referrals, as they are the greatest compliment you can give!

Mountain Fork Sir Elton, European Maine Coon blue classic tabby male.

Photo courtesy of his owners, The Knobler Family in Texas!


The following statement from our veterinarian, to The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) registry about Mountain Fork European Maine Coons: "I have been Kelly's veterinarian for many years and she is the most conscientious breeder I have ever worked with". Dr Sherman Hadley, DVM

The following statement received from the founder of FBRL, about Mountain Fork European Maine Coons: "Those have to be some of the most dramatic lynx tips I've ever seen!" Barb French

I have purchased a total of 7 Maine Coon cats from an absolute awesome breeder, Kelly Gibson Sparkman. These super large FeLions (love that term Kelly) are God's food to my soul and heart. Just when they get too serious, let the comedy show begin! And such talkers with their sweet trilling to each other and to me. Got my older sister, 2 (female littermates) sisters as a thank you for taking care of my furry babies while I was in the hospital recovering from a knee replacement, then while taking care of me/mine again when I returned home. Now that my sister has returned home with her 2 female furry babies, her older fur baby is a "younger" girl, and my sister's doctor is amazed at her much lower blood pressure! I say "bring in the clowns". The Shipman Family from OKC, OK.

All the vets (ended up with three in the room) were very complimentary to you as a breeder and the records you provided. Very impressed with ‘The Boys’; their overall health, their looks (‘so beautiful’) and mostly their temperament. Both boys were well mannered, laid-back, friendly, sweet and playful. Kelly, they kept me there in the exam room for 2 hours!  I’m very happy I have found their vet ‘home’. They are doing great! Hope all is well with you and all your fur babies. Thanks again! Laura 
Hi there! Ohhhhhhhh!!! My!!!!!!!!! You raise incredible kittens!!! We LOVE our baby, I mean, like we are over the moon!  He is one special little guy! It was very nice to meet James. He was so kind and professional! Very thorough and spoke so highly of you. We had absolutely no problems traveling which amazed me because there were so many firsts for this kitten. He was alert, very brave, and so ready for his adventure. Only two peeps from him the whole time we traveled and they were happy peeps. He slept in my daughter’s arms the whole drive back to Dallas. Just the sweetest little baby. At the airport, they made me take him out of the crate and hold him through the X-ray scanner, which I thought was the end, especially when they were so slow getting his carrier through the X-ray, but he was brilliant! He slept most of the night. Ate well and loves his goat milk. Took right to his litter box, too! He did just what James said.... He meowed a high pitch meow a few times, got busy, then headed to his litter box and did his business. Tidied things up nicely. He is so clean! His mama taught him well! Good girl, Supernova! He grooms meticulously; I love it! And cuuuudle! Oh my! He’s special! My husband loves him, too! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will send pics in a separate email. I do have a couple of questions about his food. How do I feed the goat milk and the canned salmon? Thank you also for the generous gifts! He adores them all, but the wand is his favorite when he’s ready to play. He can go to town with that, he’s so fast! Big hugs! I know it must be hard to part with your kittens, but we are so happy with our sweet kitten! Paula (from Arizona)
Dear Kelly, I'm not sure if you remember us--it's been almost nine years! But I just wanted to provide you a little bit of an update. I'm still in the military, and Duchess and Baron are doing very well! They have traveled together with my family from Texas, to Tennessee, to Alaska, and back to Texas again. I'm currently deployed to Iraq, but these two amazing cats are doing a great job taking care of my husband and three-year-old daughter back home. Duchess and Baron are living the good life and keeping my family good company during quarantine. I've included some pictures for ya'll. I hope your family is doing well. Stay safe! Sincerely, The Cuvi Family
Hi Kelly! I wanted to drop in and say hi and show you an updated photo of our child we got from you. He is a year and a half. We are absolutely in love with him and are excited for your upcoming litters. Would like to add another one soon. We will keep watching your page for updates :) I hope the cordless clippers are still working out great for you. Madison
Kelly. All going so well! We just can’t get over how wonderful he is (Finnegan)- really what we dreamed of! So sweet and loving, and takes every opportunity to be on a lap. Just an amazing little guy!  Dr Tissing
Six month old Beast (Leopold) has gained half a pound each week since we got him in December. He now weighs 11 pounds! He's very vocal and interactive with all of us. He wants us to all be in the same room at the same time so he can entertain us. He's a sweet and lovable mess! He loves playing in water and doesn't mind getting baths, too much. He actually enjoys getting blow dried after a bath! He's sort of a diva - LOL!    Lisa
I am just writing to tell you I am a previous buyer who has enjoyed "stalking" your site over the years. Your cats and kittens are beautiful. My boy, Malachi will be 5 in July. He is the love of my life and we enjoy his antics very much. He is around 20 lbs and is extremely vocal. I have whole conversations with him everyday. He is an incredible companion--he will not be ignored when he wants attention and generally he follows us from room to room making sure he is the loop concerning whatever is happening. We feel extremely lucky to have him. We will be looking to bring home a sibling for him next year as he will be six and our older cat will be almost 13--let the kitten stalking begin, lol. I attached a couple pics of our guy. Thanks so much for raising such great cats! Sincerely, Danielle
Hi Kelly, Happy New Year! Hope you had an amazing holiday season. I wanted to give you an update on how Watson the kitty is doing. He has grown into an absolute star, and his nickname "The Judge" very perfectly captures his personality. Watson/Marquise is by far the most vocal Maine Coon all of us (including the vet team) have met lol Seems that these kitties are usually very soft spoken for their size, but the Judge has a unique talent for expressing himself clearly (and frequently!) At 14.4 lbs (9 months of age) and growing he is absolutely stunning. Photos really don't do his coat justice. His tail is just mesmerizing (and he knows it!) It goes without saying that he is always the center of attention. He is very spirited and mischievous, but also incredibly intelligent and affectionate. Last year was a very difficult one for me for many reasons, and it's quite remarkable how the Judge pretty much insisted on changing everything for the better as soon as he arrived :) And what a journey it has been! The Judge may be a cat, but he is definitely not a pet, he is a dear friend who can comfort, inspire, and tell it like it is just like my human friends can. Feel very lucky to have him in my life and I got you to thank for his early socialization. His confidence and affection for humans is not a coincidence ;) P.S. Watson was neutered December 14th and his cert is attached also. Cheers, Sophia
Update on Leopold: We had a wonderful ride home! He sat between Danny and me, on top of the pet carrier, watching the road, occasionally putting his paw on Danny’s shoulder to warn him if he started speeding. He’s an excellent backseat driver! We put him in our spare bedroom, my daughter’s old room, and he’s eat and eat and eat! I’ve refilled his food bowl twice already, and he ate a little of the cooked chicken we had for supper last night. After all his adventures yesterday, he slept much of the late afternoon, but woke up around 8:00 pm full of play! He was still at it when we went to bed and from the looks of the room this morning (pillows off the bed, water bowl spilled) he played all night! He’s already had breakfast and a potty break this morning and is ready for another day full of adventure. So far our other cats are sitting curiously outside his door listening at him, but we haven’t introduced him yet. I plan to take him for his feline leukemia vaccine tomorrow before work. He is infatuated with the beautiful black kitten he’s found in the mirror, though. They’ve become best buddies! I’ve already had numerous people ask me where we got him, so you may have other customers from our area. Thanks for your patience yesterday while I tried to decide which kitten was the right kitten. I definitely found him! Lisa (from Prescott, AR)
Six years out, Blaze is healthy and happy. He continues to fill our days with love and laughs. He is a wonderful lap kitty and cozy bed buddy. We are so lucky to have him in our lives! Carolyn & Greg from Benton, AR
Hi Kelly! Edison (now Ollie) is perfect!! We love him so much!! He’s now 13.5 pounds (9 months old) and was born in April 2019. Just an update for you. Gwen
This Sunday will be one year since we picked up Darius (Our Gus) and brought him home for Christmas. We couldn’t be happier. He is beautiful and we love him so much. I hope you found Maslow the perfect retirement home. What a great Sire to produce magnificent cats. The last picture below of Gus is my favorite. Merry Christmas, I know lot of families are excited to get their new kittens this year. Pam
Hi Kelly, I see all of your postings from past kitties and wanted to send some of Garbear. He is MY baby and he even says "Mama". I LOVE this cat (as well as my girls and husband) and yes, I see Nafania on your website all the time.  He was the reason I hounded you so long for a baby.  When I saw Nafania on your page I "knew" that was what I had to have.  Gary has his Mamas paws. He is almost 20 pounds and coming up on 3 years (which is what his Daddy was) so that will be a milestone. Gary is in LOVE with our 10 year old tortoise shell tiny girl.  She stays in my room and he comes in every morning and sings to her and flirts with her, it is SO sweet. She uses him to get food and then slaps him on the face; but he still loves her.   -Audra from TX
Here’s a recent picture of Quince the best cat on the planet. I’m glad you don’t live closer or I would become a hoarder of your cats. His personality, coat, looks are amazing. We are totally in love with him. Terri
Hi Kelly! Edison is doing very well! He is everything you said he was! We are so very happy!! Gwen
As she (Ivory) approaches her 3rd birthday this September she's really calmed down a lot from the super hyper kitten personality.  She's a lot more loving and affectionate, she sleeps with us almost every night, she plays fetch on her terms, and aspires to be a fierce hunter - my husband will take her favorite toy and hide it in the open random places in our house and she will hunt it out by smell and bring it back to him (sometimes right away, sometimes while we're gone at work).  She loves watching the birds and chatting at them, she will make super high jumps when playing with her second favorite toy as it flies through the air, she loves fresh cold water, and if she hears the bathtub being filled she is at the door right away for her turn.  I've yet to bathe her fully, but I do put a couple inches of water in and let her wade around like a kid in the kiddie pool. She's beautiful and we love her so much. She loves to talk to my husband but doesn't have much to say to me, which makes me laugh. Anyways, just thought I'd touch base and send you some updated photos. Hope you're well. -Angela and Steve
Hi Kelly, Just wanted to let you know that the kitten (Zorro) (Mina x Milo) is doing very well and has found 3 best friends who loves to play with him and take care of him. Sending you their picture. Zorro has a wonderful personality and keeps everyone entertained and is quite naughty. We love him. Thanks, Salma
Good morning Kelly, The little man arrived safely around 8pm last night, what a beautiful gem! Jianni slept next to me all night, eating well and very curious....he is still adjusting to his brothers or rather they are adjusting to him! He seems obviously to their presence, and they are still observing. Very cute! Thanks again Kelly, he is a marvelous baby :) Cyndi

Hi Kelly, hope you and James are well. I know you have kittens!!! I wanted to update you about Syd (5 years old) and let you know how she is doing: The vet techs and staff at my vet FLIPPED over Syd when I got her spayed. They all came out to check on her ear tips! Dr. Quinn said she was really sweet and no one would leave her alone after surgery. Not sure if she did the Sydney Love Stiff Back Leg thing I told them about. My husband, Jesse is trying to steal her affections from me. He brags that Sydney sleeps at the end of HIS side of the bed. He’s always making time to Netflix with her close by on the couch. I don’t tell him how I can’t get on the computer without a certain kitty making her presence well known, Sydney doesn’t like to be ignored ! Sydney is an ear bud assassin ! When my husband was bragging about Syd getting up on his chest at night for some attention, I noticed that his earbuds he sleeps with were chewed apart. I laughed! She has destroyed 2 pair of his ear buds, and even went upstairs to my son’s room and chewed through a pair he left on his bed. When all 3 kids were home for Spring Break, they were all warned! She also likes to chew on my shoestrings when i take off my shoes to shower after the gym. I LOVE THIS CAT!!!! Sydney is vocal and playful. She likes to run from our room to the living room to the study, especially in the morning when its cooler outside. lots of churring and vocals from my girl. She seems very happy and I am so pleased she’s mine, contrary to what my husband thinks. My 14 year old Maine Coon had to have her front leg amputated due to cancer, so Sydney’s antics are such a blessing. She is so happy and I am thankful. Best, Roxanne

Hi Kelly, I just wanted to give you an update on The Boys. They are just amazing! They quickly adapted, are eating and drinking really well, all good with the litter box, etc.  They are certainly bonding with each other and have so much fun playing. And Tom and I certainly enjoy the show!  They are very sweet too, a couple of purring machines!  I simply can’t imagine not having two of them. They are so well adjusted; now familiar with the house, affectionate to us and into our routine (Quinn almost beat me to the kitchen this morning, ready for breakfast!). I must tell you, I’ve sent some pics to friends and family and everyone comments on how gorgeous they are. I couldn’t agree more. Just wanted to let you know how happy the 4 of us are! Thanks so much! Laura
Dear Kelly, I have to tell you this, the 4 hour plane trip, 3.5 hour car trip and same in a return on the same day has been paled with Rosie Mae's personality and confidence. She is a dream come true! Well beyond my expectations. She took to Judy within 10 minutes and myself about the same when I got to take her from Judy's clutches. She has adapted to our house and dogs with the same champion qualities. She continues to impress both of us hourly. She was the center of attention at the vets office today. (perfect checkup) On a different note, James was such a delight. Knowledgable, personable,  kind and generous. He's a champion too. Judy and I are already chating about another kitten in 2 years from now. Thank you so much. I would like to ask you for your business address. I would like to send you a gift from our hearts. It is a cutting board that I have made you and James as a gift of appreciation. Thank you, Chris & Judy
Kelly, I just needed to let you know how much we love our little Rocco and how thankful we are that we were able to finally get a Mountain Fork Maine Coon. We have 3 cats; two are Ragdolls, and Rocco. While they are all super friendly, I am amazed at how attached Rocco is to us, especially me ;) Literally, everywhere I am, he is. He has to sit next to me or on me. When we go to bed, he is on my pillow, kneading my head. He truly loves being with people. Our last Maine Coon was very friendly, but not like this. He loves to snuggle up right next to me (when he's not jumping on me to play fetch with him). Is this the way all your Maine Coons are or did we get an extra special one? He is just precious. The Buster Family
Hi Kelly, I just wanted to let you know that Maya (now Callie) has been fixed. Attached is a recent picture-- she is all I could have ever wanted in a cat (and love those big ear tuffs)! Though my arm is worn out from the hours of fetch she loves to play! Thanks again for such a wonderful companion! Lauren

As you can see, Moses rules the roost! I get compliments all the time on the quality of Moses...that kind of quality doesn't come easy, I appreciate your hard work! We are enjoying him so much, we also want a blue classic tabby female. The Leissner Family

Kelly, I just gave your contact info to one of the ladies who works at my vet's office. Her aunt is looking for a Maine Coon. Vino and Tito are doing great. Two big sweet boys. Hope all is going well for you. I look at your website often and wish I could get another one. Still have 4 so I'm maxed out. Happy New Year! Jay

We love these kitties so much! Can't thank you enough for suggesting we get two as that was the best recommendation. They are not only beautiful, but lovely personalities and temperaments. Big Ernie is very chill and Fern is our ever alert huntress, both so sweet. We are in the process of creating a netted-in porch so they can hang more on our deck this summer. Happy Spring to you and yours! Molly and Brendan from Avon, CO.

Update at time of spay: We could not be happier with her (Stormy), she is such a social kitty who greats everyone who comes over and I'm proud to say she is Daddy's Kitty. She follows me everywhere. Joe- from McKinney, TX!

Hello from Indiana! He (Bentley) has surpassed 22 pounds and was 3 years old last September ! He loves blankets and warm dryer towels! Thanks again for one fine cat!! Bobbi

Hi Kelly, Claude is home and even more precious and beautiful than I could have imagined. Thank you so much!!!! We LOVE him!! He is certainly the center of attention! He curled up in my lap on the way home and got on his back for a tummy rub. So cute. I know you'll be missing him, I'll keep sending you updates! Where does he like to sleep at night? The Barker Family from Dallas, TX.

Hi Kelly, Just saying hello... our boys are doing so great... plane ride home was good and they were really well behaved. Purring and cooing and talking... boy I tell you ... Newton (white) is extremely food motivated while Nate (brown classic) is not as much. Newton is less scared.. stands right next to me when I am blow drying hair and is near the vacuum... while Nate goes running. Nate puffs up more and reacts to noises while Newt does not.  Good sweet babies... love them so much. Will keep sending you pics. Yes, my vet and friends super impressed. Just gorgeous. First pic is at house... last two are from them being with me at work while our red boy acclimated. Thanks! Cynthia from WA

Hi Kelly, I just wanted to tell you how much we are enjoying Simba (Claude). He is SO sweet and funny. He still loves to be carried around by all of us. He knows he isn't allowed on the kitchen counter, so he'll sit at a bar stool and just watch. Then, he'll tap something on the counter with his paw. He also likes to snuggle with our Golden Retriever. He is super special and very loved. Thanks for raising such wonderful kittens! You are welcome to visit him if ever in the Dallas area. The Barker Family

Good morning Kelly, I hope everything is well at your house! Longmire is 5 months old now and is such a wonderful cat. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him. He is talking after his mom in the fact that he loves to cuddle with anyone who is willing. I've attached a current pic of him. We did decide to rename him Jasper. I'll send another picture when he is one! Thanks again for breeding such amazing cats. Jennifer (Minnesota)

Hi Kelly, We are having a ball with our EmmyLou...what a wonderful kitten!! She is finishing her (kitten) shots this Monday, December the 5th and she is growing quickly, weighing nearly 6 pounds now! We took her on her first RV trip this past week, she was a great traveler!! The Partain Family, from Texas!

Hi Kelly, Just an update for Emmylou...just a week shy of 6 months! As you can see, she has made friends with Toby, much to Toby's dismay..they have fun playing!! Today is SPAY DAY!! She is being chipped, also!! We absolutely love her, she keeps our lives busy and full of kitten antics! Thanks for such a beautiful kitten!! Isn't her tail awesome?? Our Vet can't believe how big she is getting!! Thanks again, The Partain Family from TX.

Its been a year and we are loving our sweet but feisty cat!!!!  He is beautiful and full of personality!!!! He literally talks to me all the time!!!! The Stevens Family

Hi Kelly, Enzo, now Ezra, has adapted extremely well to his new home and we are exceedingly pleased with him. Thank you very much for letting him come home to us. He's growing rapidly and I thought you might enjoy an updated photo (20 weeks old now) and some photos/video of his interactions with our Vizslas. Thanks again, Kate from York, PA

Kelly, I hope you are doing well.  Simon (re-named Sampson) is simply amazing.  We just can't get enough of him.  He is incredibly smart, nice, social, and everything we wanted!  This past week he had his surgery (documents attached) and he's doing great.  At some point we would love to have another kitten!  Until then, we will just love our Sampson like there's no tomorrow.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season! Sincerely, Mark & Giselle from Dallas, TX


Hi Kelly, I have been checking in on your website, admiring your new batch of kittens — they are ADORABLE!!!  I thought I would send you a recent photo of our beautiful boy, Stormy.  He is a wonderful cat, so playful with his step-bro and sister, and has quite an amazingly impressive tail.  We love him and are so happy we found you and your cattery. Hope you are doing well. Melissa
Hi, I was going to send you something yesterday but I got sidetracked.  IIRC, we picked up Sadie one year ago yesterday.  She’s been a great kitty, it’s been fun watching her grow up.  She’s looking like she’s going to be one of the best kitties we’ve ever had.  She and Bella like to sit at the windows, mainly the ones facing our (small) back yard, and watch the various critters and birds.  She also follows me from window to window when I mow the lawn.  She gets along well with Bella, but she does seem to consider herself #1 cat.  We’re glad we have her. The Cook Family
Dear Kelly! Zelda (Bardot), is a wonderful kitty, we are so in love with her! She did great laying in my lap on the way home! She is sooo sweet, extremely gentle, and loving! Curious, and playful! She is eating, and drinking well, and going in her sand box! Can't thank you enough for our little Zee!!! We would love to have a photo of her mommy, Calypso if it's possible? Thank You! Per and Andie
Hi Kelly! I must tell you how wonderful sawyer is! We ALL adore this crazy , inquisitive, snugly, fierce, playful kitten! He is determined and focused with his "hunting skills" and his eye to paw coordination is fast! Most hilarious is that his back left foot is used at all times as a front foot when it comes to grabbing or displacing himself! He is also very vain about his white mittens! This cat dangles his front legs in the bathtub and doesn't mind the soaking- seems to look forward to the nightly routine! He will also remain in a running sink alternately splashing, drinking, sneezing and circling! He is a mess! Laughing!!! The vet here says he is a very healthy and big boy! Yay! 7.8 oz last week- so I know he has likely passed 8 lbs now. He took his first airplane ride with Addie, my 18 year old gal and I to Florida. He is a condo kitty this week and has had zero adjustment to any of the travels! He takes it all in stride! We are enjoying him so much! I still occasionally call him Sam- but that is only because he is already found his way into my heart as my Sam did. Thank you for our Sawyer! He is a home entertainment center in a furry package and already irreplaceable in all of our hearts but especially mine! A blessing! I hope you are doing well! I like your updates to your web page! The new kittens are beautiful! God keep you!! (Feel free to transfer this to your review web page! It is most sincere!) Marci from Indianapolis, Indiana
Hey Kelly! I just wanted to let you know that Oskar (Sotelo) and Felix (Slate) have adjusted to their new home and are very comfortable with James and I and our Beagle, Dodge.  As a matter of fact, they are comfortable with everyone (my son, sister, niece, etc) and our veterinarian even commented on how healthy and well socialized they are!  Oskar will try anything and demands attention (and toots a lot!), while Felix thinks first and then acts with total confidence.  They love to go out in our backyard with us…we stay with them the whole time.  They’re both playful and loving and James and I could not be more happy with them!  Attached are a few pics and I’ll send an updated of each of them when they get bigger. Thank you so much for these wonderful additions to our family!  James and Renee 

Good evening, Kelly!  I wanted to send an updated picture of Rooster (Parents: Moris x Sydney), the best Mainecoon in the world...lol.  I hope you have been doing well and I still enjoy checking on all the babies that come through your cattery.  Rooster has been awesome, I might just say...brilliant.  He's so smart and knows a couple of tricks, rides great back and forth to the ranch and his own chatter cat language of everything he sees outside keeps us amused.  We've been spoiled and thank you for every minute we've had him.  Here's to many more!!  Take care and we'll send more at a later time. Andrea

Hi Kelly! I just wanted to thank you for meeting with Chris last minute, I know his schedule during this trip has been less than ideal. Catness is an absolute doll and we love her to pieces already. She's adjusting quicker than I'd hoped and is so friendly. We named her Mochi, after the Japanese ice cream, since she's a little ball of sweetness! Will send more photos as they come, here she is with our Pomeranian mix Nico. She's been sleeping in our bed at night and getting along great with Nico :) and I am sure I'll be coming back for a second in the near future! Have a great weekend, Thanks again! Jasmine

Hi Kelly! I've been following your website since we brought our guys home. I know you have your hands fairly full now, but in a month or so it looks like you'll be crazy with babies!! I thought I'd send you an update on George ("Ted", on top) and Sampson ("Tex", below). They are HILARIOUS. They are in the water all the time. George puts his babies in their water bowls then splashes all the water out of the bowl to save the baby. His babies are anything fluffy that flies around the house on tile floor. George is the love bug, always wants to be held and snuggled. He pulls the dry food out with his hands and eats it almost like a raccoon. Sampson, usually called Sam, is a guy's guy and is a big talker. He announces his presence upon entering the room. He's learned to open the drawers where his toys are stored. His toy of choice is anything feather on a string. When he does snuggle he's always as upside down as possible, you wouldn't believe it unless you saw it. They are happy and healthy; at the 9 month mark George was 14.5 lbs. and Sam was 16.2 lbs. Sam is crazy strong and I have a feeling he's going to be huge. We're taking them in to be fixed before the end of this month. We haven't had any issues, they stay inside. If I had a bigger house I'd have more of your boys - they're the best. The Ball Family

Kelly, I can’t tell you how happy we are with our kitten. He was a little stand offish the first few days, but he is now in full command of the house.  He is getting stronger and faster each and every day. He currently is taking turns torturing everyone in the family at night while he pounces on us during our sleep. He seems to prefer one person all night rather than making rounds during the night. That is a relief to me anyway since he spent the first three nights on my pillow using my head as a scratching post. On the third night I offered him up my finger as a token sacrifice which was accepted and played with for the remainder of the night. Now we spread out the fun bringing him to each daughters bedroom so they can baby sit the little man or as my wife calls him little baby cat. We leave the door open but he just stays where he is until morning. Everyone loves him and can’t wait to see him when they get home. It turned out to be great timing since both my daughters in college are now home for the summer, my high school daughter is out of school, and my wife is a teacher so she is home as well . The kitten is getting lots of attention and has really become comfortable in his new home.  We are really excited about him using the scratching post we bought him.  Our living room is filled with cat toys and he seems to be the center of attention all day. Thanks for all you do. The kitten has such a good disposition and temperament he has really made an impact on everyone.  So now I can smugly say breeding makes a big difference and it was worth the time, effort and money. The Butler Family from IL!

Kelly, Wanted you to see "Scout". He is absolutely gorgeous and has exceeded all expectations.  The kids adore him, as do I!  Today he actually drove carpool with me! Went into the school and was met with many "oohs and aahs" He is delightful! Sleeps on my pillow every night right by my head.  Would love to continue to send pictures if you'd like to see him grow. Thank you again! Blessings, Julie

Wanting to show you pics of Toby. We love him more and more each day. Really wish I could clone him. Thank you so much for him. He's my world. Tara

Hi Kelly! You gave me a little trouble maker, but also a very strong and healthy guy and he is so wonderful. He brings me so much joy and love every single day so I wanted to say thank you. I love him very much. Here are some updated pictures. He will be 6 months next week and he's about 9 pounds. I scheduled his neutering! Happy new year to you and your family, Kelly! Sorry for all the pictures! Nolan from Chicago

He (Biggie) (Moris x Scarlet litter) is as healthy as ever and I absolutely cannot believe how much he loves everything - all humans, all animals, and life in general. He is absolutely amazing and he is growing pretty much every day. I'm almost positive he is bigger than Forest ever was already. Here are some pictures! Your new male has the coolest face by the way! His mouth is so big and square! Thanks so much Kelly - Biggie is really bringing a lot joy into my life - he is so outgoing for a cat it's almost unbelievable! Nolan

Hello Kelly! Just a quick note that all is great! It's like having gallivanting teenagers in the house and they are really a huge part of our family. Ernie is so much bigger than Fern with the longest tail! They play, play, play, then eat, then nap. Fern is a such a cuddler, Ernie too. Want to thank you so much for advising us to get two, can't imagine just one as they are such playmates. Lexi joins in when she wants to, but so glad they have each other's energy. Happy holidays! Molly

Hi Kelly, Just checking in with you.  We brought Tiberius to the vet today. He weighs 10 lbs at 6 months.  He is smaller than Leopold was at this age.  Do you think he is going to be as big as Leopold?  He seems much smaller.  He had a great check up but I just wanted to be sure you thought he was ok and on track.  I know Leopold had a big mom so that may be the difference.  The vet was asking me how big the parents were but all I could remember was that Leopold's mom weighed 22 lbs.  Could you tell me their sizes? You are becoming well known at my vets office.  Earlier today a lady brought in a Maine Coon kitten from you as well.  I wish we were there sooner so we could have met them!  Tiberius is the absolute sweetest kitty.  His meow is so tiny.  He has long tufts on his ears and the fluffiest tail.  He is a big sweetheart and loves to paw at and attack our feet from under the bed.  He plays in the water bowls constantly and comes running when someone gets ice from the ice maker.  He loves Leopold and they get along very well and play constantly. Thank you so much for ANOTHER great kitty! Brandy (Louisiana)

Hi Kelly, I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Sutton which is now Calvin. He has a wonderful disposition and he is getting so beautiful and big. He loves to play with all of his toys and balls, the dogs and other cats in the house. He is so chilled out for a cat. He loves to ride in the car. I can take him just like a dog to run errands. It's crazy. I have never had a cat that enjoys a car ride.  Needless to say, he loved the Christmas tree. I have attached a pic with him in the top. I wish you a great New Year thanks again for my precious boy. I will be scheduling his neuter soon and will be in contact when that's complete. Thanks, Cindy

Hey there Kelly! I just wanted to give you an update on Magnus/Pacheco (Moris & Sydney)! We are full time RVers now and have been to nine different states since May 2015! Magnus loves all of the windows and loves to chase the birds and whatever animal might be outside the RV. He sleeps with us every night and spends most days spreading the love between the five of us. Since we do travel, we don't let him out of the RV for fear of him catching something or being attacked by a wild animal. Anyway, he is healthy and big and gorgeous and we all love love love him!!  Hope y'all are well! Jennie

Zarra is so gentle and sweet with our 18 month old. She doesn't really follow us or the other, older children much. But she's intrigued with our toddler and follows him like a puppy.  He wiggles his little fingers at her and she pounces so gentle at him. He giggles in response to her antics.  She sneaks into his room if we aren't quick!  Despite him sometimes being less than gentle, she never seems to tire of his attention.  At first she would even let her pick him up but shes getting too big for that. I wanted a kitten for myself but it seems like she's adopted the baby! Thank you for her!  Im sure when we can afford it we will get another. Lyndsay

Hello again! It has been a while since we emailed I feel like after emailing you like a crazy person for a couple months! Zeno, now Gene is the most wonderful and adorable kitty there ever was. I can’t tell you how many compliments we get on him and how everyone just gushes over what a beautiful and funny cat he is! I tell everyone about Mountain Fork and have pretty much decided I could never get a cat from anywhere else.
My parents love our kitten and they just recently lost theirs so I was going to see if there were any available at the moment! Thanks so much for everything you do and the wonderful kittens you provide, they truly are the best! Missy

George is now over 12.5 pounds! Henry is 12. They just hit their eight-month mark. They are always hanging around with Vincent and they sound like galloping elephants when they chase each other through the house. I’m including some photos that I can’t help but send. One is of Vincent on the couch after a tough Monday at the office (I LOVE his face in this one), another is of the three of them, Henry on left, Vincent in foreground, George to the right, and the last is a close-up of Vincent. You breed such beauties! And their personalities are awesome. Even non-cat friends can’t help but threaten to take one when they leave our house. Lovely, lovely kitties and I’m trying so hard to not peek at your site when I know a new litter will be posted! I would be so tempted. Best, Mary

(Triton) is all tuckered out from his long journey. He looks even better in person. We all love him already! Took him in for a wellness check up and they tested his blood for all the bad stuff and he got a clean bill of health. His next vaccinations are scheduled. I plan on taking good care of him. I liked the care package and the health history you included with him. You run a smooth operation and I'd be happy to say that publicly. He was definitely worth it. Thank you so much and I'll keep you updated on his well being. Justin & Shawna from CO. 

Dear Kelly, I wanted to thank you for allowing us the opportunity in adopting, what I call a dream kitten from Mountain Fork Maine Coons.  We have given him the name Rooster, from the movie True Grit with John Wayne as Marshal Rooster Cogburn.  Even though we've only had him for two full weeks, he has displayed a personality that we have only dreamed of.  He gets along wonderfully with our Coonhounds, Roscoe and Buford and acts like he's never met a stranger.  He travels so well as we go back and forth from our houses in the city and in the country.  We even have play dates with his brother Pacheco aka Magnus.  The Moris and Sydney pairing definitely produced some great kittens.  It was a pleasure getting to meet and talk with you.  I will definitely send you some pictures as he grows and matures. Andrea
Jaxx is a 5 Star ☆☆☆☆☆ kitten! You were so right in that we would be pleased with him! We are over the moon with him! "Sister" Zoë was born in April,  so she is a couple of months older than Jaxx. Jaxx is super playful and he loves playing, following, and interacting with Zoë.  I will find out her echo results Tues afternoon, and hopefully I will find out her prognosis.  If her breeder offers us another kitten, we are hesitant to take another one from his cattery. But, we still want Jaxx to have a kitten to grow up with and to be with for life. When we got Zoë,  we didn't know about Mountain Fork Maine Coons. Unfortunately,  we wish we had gotten both kittens from you. Jaxx has been getting all of his well kitten doctor visits,  and he has had all wonderful checkups and reports. When you have a chance to think about what will be best for Jaxx ---about having another kitten to grow up with,  please let me know your thoughts.  My husband always wanted a rag doll kitten, so if we were able to get one of Medina's kittens, both of us would be thrilled! We would be willing to take as long as it takes to get one of her kittens! I know how busy you are, but when you have time to think about us, we would love to heat back from you. Sincerely, Susan and Michael
 Hello Kelly! I wanted to give you a quick update on our babies. Heiser (now George) and Hauser (now Henry) were wonderful on our trip home. It took us about 18 hours. We stopped every so often to let them out of their kennel and they ate a little bit and drank some water. Such good kitties - no yowling or freaking out. We decided to name them George and Henry, after royalty of course! Dracula and Barlow barely blinked an eye when we brought them home. Vincent has been hissing and growling a little bit, but Henry gave him the what for by sitting up on his back legs and growling right back at him! The first night we sat on the couch to watch TV and Henry made himself at home on a sleeping Vincent (pic attached). Also, attaching a photo of Vincent's look when he first spotted George on my lap. What a fierce looking boy! (Sorry, the quality stinks on my phone!) We are still slowly introducing them to our upstairs world so they don't get too scared too quickly. This morning Henry came right up the steps into our bedroom and demanded some attention. Zero issues with the litter box. Thank you so much for two more wonderful kittens from your cattery. I can't tell you how happy and excited we are to have all of them and watch them grow. As time goes on I'd love to send you more photos if you wouldn't mind. Again, it was such a pleasure to meet you and thank you for giving us the opportunity to own two more Mountain Fork Maine Coons! Best, Mary and Chris (Parents to: Vincent, George & Henry)  
Hello Kelly, Wanted to send you some new pics of my precious baby (Vito)...he is adorable and follows me around like a puppy...his purr beside me at night is so calming and I love this "trill" as I call it when he cannot find me.  He loves the one end of my dining table ...although he knows he is not supposed to be on it...seems like the perfect place to watch the others go by.  This is one spoiled little guy :)  Take care. Anna

 Hey, Kelly! Just thought I'd send you an update on our adorable little Bocephus "Bo" (formerly Bradshaw). We are absolutely IN LOVE with him! He fit right into our family from the start. At first our little ladies weren't big fans of him but they have started to accept him and play with him, when they think no one is watching. ;) He is so much fun to watch. He sleeps in the human beds, greets us at the door when we get home, he loves to cuddle, loves to play, and has to be with us at all times. He likes to go with me to pick my son up from school and will sit in the doorway and pout if he doesn't get to go. He and my son are thick as thieves. Bo likes to go out on a harness and leash, especially if my son, Noah, is outside. He can't stand for Noah to play without him. You know, I'm pretty sure he doesn't know he's a cat and I don't have the heart to tell him...lol. He truly brings so much love and joy to our home. We love sharing pics of our handsome boy. He's such a sweetheart and has such an adorable personality. My best friend is not a cat person but she loves Bo and goes out of her way to pay attention to him. He has changed her mind about the possibility of owning one too. He is so much different from any cat I've ever had...unique little guy. You were right, I'm pretty sure I will only want Maine Coons from now on. Thanks for everything and we'll continue to send updates. Thank you so much for our little blessing. Christy

Hey Kelly! Hope this email finds you and your cat family doing well. Must admit I have followed (your website) some. Cant' wait to see Syndneys new bunch. We absolutely ADORE our Buddy. (Was going to be Bowe but didn't stick.) He is so cute I cant leave him alone! He has been neutered. Will work on sending pictures! Susan and Jason
Hi, Kelly, I hope all is well with you and yours! Cannot tell you enough how much we love Izzy & Mela!  Izzy loves high places, and Mela is content with lower levels.  Izzy prefers to sleep on the bed, while Mela chooses the floor at my bedside.  Both seem to need a rubdown every morning between four and five.  Izzy is good just knowing I am in the house, but Mela needs to be able to 'see' me.  She has become very vocal if she loses sight of me.  Both are wonderful with the grandkids, but Mela and my youngest granddaughter, Hanna, (almost 2 yrs old) have a special bond.  Mela is very patient with her.  I could go on and on, but I know you hear all these things from probably just about everyone who adopts from you. I always enjoy other people's reactions when they see our cats, and how impressed they become with the friendliness and gentleness of them.  Have a great summer, Kelly! Melonee

Kelly,...can't tell you how pleased we are with Oz...he's 5 month old now but is the size of a full grown cat, already 12lbs and just has this awesome look to him ~ looks just like a Bobcat, with those tuffs on his ears ...and has a beautiful personality to go along with it! Independent and social at the same time...we are so very pleased, Kelly thank you, we love him!  Martin & Amy

Hi Kelly, I am not sure if you remember me.  I bought a kitten from you in November of 2011 from Liberty and Rock's litter.  You named her Tess but we call her Snickers. Anyway, we love this cat so much that we just have to have another.  Seriously, she is the most amazing pet I have ever owned! :) We are hoping to get a sister for Snickers. Snickers has grown into a very big, beautiful girl.  Last time I weighed her, she was 13 lbs and 26 inches from her tail bone to the top of her head.  She is so friendly.  She meets us at the door when we get home and meets all of our visitors demanding to be loved.  If people try to ignore her, she jumps in their lap! I look forward to getting another kitty from you soon! :) Melanie

Hi Kelly, I just wanted to send you a picture of Ruby.  She's almost 8 months and just about 10 lbs!  I just love her to pieces and everyone thinks she's so pretty.  She follows me around everywhere and is curious about everything.  Thanks so much! Michelle

Dear Kelly, We're celebrating MaddieCat's first birthday! She is just a joy to have around. She's very sociable and still loves to play. We had company over for New Year's Eve and she inspected everyone, although you must gain her royal permission to pet her, lol. Thank you so much for helping us adopt her! We absolutely love her!  Best,  Catherine & Martin 

 DiNozzo aka Borys is safe and sound at home with us. He purred right out of his (shipping) crate and fell asleep cuddling me. My daughter says he is just one of those cats that purrs ALL THE TIME. He is running at full speed around the house and is up on everything. He is so funny! We think we won the cat lottery! Thank you so much. Attached are a few (homecoming to Canada) pics. Suzanne F.

Hello Kelly! I hope all is well in OK. The new batch of kittens are adorable! I took Vincent to the vet last week for his semi-annual wellness exam and I had to tell you that EVERYONE was enamored by him! They couldn't get over his size, demeanor and his big, big bushy tail. My vet insisted on taking a video because he said a picture would not do VPOT (Vincent) justice. :) He is doing great and getting into a lot of mischief! As soon as I come home at night he comes racing down the stairs like he hasn't seen me in years. I'm attaching a photo I took on Thanksgiving. He just had his turkey snack and wouldn't let go of the plate. We can't wait to add another Mountain Fork Maine Coon to our family! I'm keeping an eye on upcoming litters. Best, Mary

 Kelly, Such a sweet kitty!!  He took the almost 12-hour trip to Atlanta in stride--content to ride in a lap or sit/lay on the armrest between us the whole trip.  The only time he objected was when we attempted to put him into the carrier.  I believe it must have taken him 1 minute to get out the first time.  We watched during the second attempt as he head-butted the Velcro and zipper until he could force his way out!  We nicknamed him “Houdini.” Certainly can believe it when you say your cats are not caged! Emmett has been a joy.  We were prepared to lose sleep during the first nights, however he just curls up between us and sleeps as long as we do.  Just as you described him….laid back.  He’s been quite curious and happy exploring his new surroundings.  Not shy.  Likes us humans to be around.  Guess we are the pride now. It was a pleasure meeting both of you. Carry on the good kitty work! Jackie/Gary 

 I just wanted you to know that Django is well adjusted and growing very large. He's the size of a normal cat already (at 4 months of age). He is very pampered. A part of our family now. Dr Todd, Nancy & Family

Hi, This (photo) is Jasmine at 9 months/15.5 lbs. Great Kitty! Jim K. (Texarkana, TX)

Hey Kelly, I just wanted to let you know that, Oscar (Ferdinand the Bull) sired by Maslow, is settling in nicely! He is very loved and loving. I'm more than happy with him! He is going to live a long happy life. Paul

Hi there! Sending an update for Cozy (Smitten) with some pics.  We have her spay information and will mail it soon as proof.  Cozy turned one this month and is huge!  I never knew I could love a kitty so much!  She is like my baby.  She follows me wherever I go all day.  She meows and trills and purrs at me all the time to talk to me.  She has a little bed next to ours that she sleeps in to start with, then jumps up with me and wants her face right next to mine.  She chirps and nudges my face if I stop petting her until she falls asleep (spoiled!)  We kept her claws and she loves her playtime in the backyard.  She will climb this one tree but minds very well and comes down when we tell her.  We have her partially leash trained but she likes things on her terms so it's 50/50 if she will want to walk with it.  She is absolutely gorgeous and people are in awe of her tail when they see her.  She still to this day walks around with her tail straight up and curved over her body like you said she did.  She is so intelligent and will play fetch and "high five" to get her treats.  If we ask her where her birdies are, she sprints to the back window and looks at the bird feeder.  She has brought so much joy into our home and we are so thankful for the sweet babies you produce!   She is a precious cuddle bug and I can't imagine life without her!  We are thinking that Cozy needs a little brother.  Enjoy the pics and I will mail the proof of spaying from March.  Thanks! Whitney & Josh K. 


 Hi Kelly, Just wanted to give you an update on Ziggy (a.k.a. Wylie) and Watkins. Watkins is the kitten my sister Heidi chose and she is in love with him! She said he is very playful and sweet! Ziggy is here with Kiowa (from a different litter purchased last year) and they are now best buddies! Attached is a picture of the two of them hanging out. Ziggy is a little sweetheart! We love our Maine Coons!!!! Thanks, Heather (repeat Buyer) & Heidi from Wisconsin

Kelly,  Your new crop of kittens are so cute. We still check your website all the time. We're hooked. :) Our baby Jones (Jaxx) is doing really well. He has the house wrapped around his big ol' fat paw. He and our dogs play and play and play. He follows me around the house and lets our little boy carry him around and make forts for him and sing to him and carry him around...it's a wonder his legs still work. He's really into water, too. The other day I was getting ready to bathe the dogs in the tub and Jones was right there in the middle of it. He perched close by watching everything. The tub was full and I told my big lab to jump in. Nope! JONES leapt in the tub, over his head. Ha! What a riot. After he got dried off, he came right back to the tub, just to watch this time. Anytime water is running, Jones is right there, watching and ready to swipe. I need to send you a picture of him so you can see how BIG he's getting. He's as big as our 15 year old cat, much to her chagrin. I think his head might be bigger than hers. He's going to be a big big boy. Thanks again so much. Laura M.

Hello!  Well the two babies Sophie and Crush are well settled in and I don't know how I survived without kittens/cats in the house!  I would love to meet you (since the kittens were shipped) and see your cattery just to see what magic you work to breed such remarkable kittens! They are gorgeous, smart, so happy, curious, loving, and so entertaining.  Sophie with her sweet face and little voice is not afraid of anything, loves boxes and under the covers; can leap the length of a queen size bed to pounce on movement under the covers (her favorite), was at the  top of the kitten tree the second day, LOVES the kitchen but is delicate in her eating, and does things in her own time and way. Crush, sweet Crush, he was a little more tennative but now when he is played out he finds me and flops down like a gangly teenager:  CLUNK, he's lying on some part of me and purring to beat the band!!  He started playing fetch with yarn balls within days of arriving (his favorite) and is so persistent!  He LOVES his food and like a teenager, gulps it down and is off to play.  Both LOVE Q-tips and cuddling and follow me everywhere! Sophie started playing fetch today and carries her little fluffy tail curled over her back (doesn't her mother Medina do that?). There is not a mean bone in their bodies, no hissing, no claws, tussling but no fights. After my past experience with Maine Coons I was so worried I wouldn't find two kittens with the same special personalities especially sight unseen.  But Kelly, these babies have all the most wonderful Maine Coon characteristics and were so obviously raised in a very loving home! I just don't know how you part with them (but it must be wonderful watching what the next litter will bring)! I am SO glad I found you and your cattery: these babies are members of our family & were so worth the wait! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS EXPERIENCE!!! Jean, RN (Fairfax, VA)

From Jarica, one of our repeat Buyers who recently purchased Chili Pepper aka Halley, her 3rd Mountain Fork kitten: I just wanted to let you know that Chili pepper is doing wonderfully and that we are sooo happy with her. She is so affectionate and loving, you can't help but to fall in love with her. She spends half her life sitting on me or my hubbies lap, and she just purrs and purrs. The more attention she gets, the louder she purrs! It's adorable!  I wake up every morning to whiskers tickling my nose and a little paw patting my fore-head. She's like, "It's time to get up and give me some attention!" Then I pull her close to me and we cuddle and she starts purring like crazy! She is so cute! I can see why you named her chili pepper! She is definitely a little spit-fire. She came in and let everybody know that she wasn't going to take any guff from anybody! However, Kahlua, Jackson and Samantha are pretty mellow and so they got used to her pretty quickly. I've decided to name her Halley, pronounced Hailey, after Halley's comet because she's so bright and her little tail goes flying after her... which reminds me of a comet. I think we're on the same page, though, because a comet burns red hot and so does a chili pepper! LOL. She's so cute, though, even when she is catching an attitude! You just can't help but to laugh. Anyways, I'm attaching a few pics of her and also of Kahlua and Samantha, so you can see how well all of them are doing. You can definitely see Madina in Samantha, as well as Rocky. She definitely has her mama's tail and I can see both mama and daddy in her face! She's a beautiful girl and Kahlua is my pride and joy! They are all my babies and we cherish all of them! Thank you so much, Jarica

Kelly,  Just a quick note...Jaxx (now Jones) is such a joy. He's been playing and chasing and rolling over and is so, so charming. He's grooming both of us and loves his food and is using the litterbox beautifully. What a boy! Both of us have marveled at how affectionate he is. Kisses kisses kisses all the time. Thanks so very much for this little slice of heaven. Laura

Dear Kelly, Attached you will find proof we had Vincent aka Oliver neutered in order to receive his registration papers. He is such a joy to us and fits in so well with our family. It is hard to imagine our lives before him. Thank you for such a wonderful kitty! Mary ~ Potomac Falls, VA

My Dear Kelly, OMG!!!!! They are amazing! They are here, They are happy, They are eating and drinking and very outgoing. They arrived at the airport very happy and not afraid. Everyone was so sweet with them. Right now I have them in a big great Dane size crate so they can acclimate, they are in my bedroom where it is quiet and they are sleeping soundly. Samir was slightly more reserved than Saber, But not much. I'm so glad I got two of them. I think it made the travel so much easier for them. They are super and I am so happy. If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know. Best wishes, Sue (Saber & Samir kittens)

(Pheobe) Lilla and I are doing great! She is a wonderful cat, everything and more that your site said she would be! Already looking forward to someday adding another MTN FORK kitty to the family :) Kathleen
Hi Kelly, We adopted our maine coon Cruz (Holmes) form you a few months ago. Just wanted to email you and let you know how much we love him, he is the perfect addition to our family. You truly do raise amazing cats. I have attached the invoice from getting him neutered and some pictures so you can see how beautiful he has become. We are looking forward to spending many years with Curz loving and entertaining us. Thank you again! Jessica and McClain

Hi Kelly, Just a cute, short video clip of Star playing with a neat toy I had bought for her.  She's so awesome! I have her on the excellent kitten food you recommended (changing my dog to the dog version as well). She's wonderful and having a blast.  My dog is especially fond and good with her.  My big old cat is still hissing but showing a little more interest.  Star actually chased her last night!  Hopefully, they'll form a bond. Thank you for such a remarkable and healthy little girl.  Thanks too for the kitten bag.  She loves having her favorite "old" fish toy and loves the exceptionally beautiful "toucan" toy.  I appreciated having a bag of her kitten food.  It helped bridge the gap. Best Regards, Kathy

Hi Kelly, Jasmine was spayed on Jul 1, 2013. She weighed over 9 pounds (at 6 mo of age) and has a huge tail. She is not shy at all and goes after all the dogs. She is the perfect example of a Maine Coon. I will send a picture when I can get her to slow down. Thanks Jim

Hi Kelly! Well it's been 3 months since we picked up Sammy (now Loki) and Tobias (now Halo). The two wonderful kittens we got from you. They have brought so much happiness to my heart <3 I can't begin to explain how much they mean to me now. They're my babies :-) They are both amazing cats in their own little ways and they both act just as you described they would! Right now they are teething and I've been finding little teeth around the house, I think that is soooooo cool! I'm saving them too :-) Also, both of them were just neutered yesterday; which is why I'm writing you. Both of them are doing incredibly well, they pretty much started playing as soon as they woke up from surgery! Thank you so much for our babies! We are crazy about them. Sincerely, Haydee

Hi Kelly, Just wanted to tell you how much we love our amazing Snickers!!! She is the sweetest, most affectionate cat I've ever been around. After reading Cheyenne's description on your website again, I'd have to say she inherited her personality. She loves to nap on us (as you can see) and loves to be loved. You raise amazing kittens, and I will definitely be getting another in the future. I'm hooked!!! :)) Thanks again, Melanie

Hi Kelly, I hope you are all doing great. Vincent is going to get neutered this Thursday so I'll send you his proof of that next week. He is doing really well and now weighs 10.8 pounds! His tail has gotten so big and long and bushy! He sleeps between us at night and keeps Punkin and Dracula on their toes. The vet cannot get over how big his paws are and everyone is betting how big he will be. He is a complete sweetheart; we even canceled our usual summer trip to Maine so we can be home with him. We are thinking in the next year or two we will most likely put down a deposit for another one of your kittens! I'm attaching an adorable photo you might like to see. Vincent is fascinated with my husband's work backpack. While Chris was working from home last Friday he found Vincent fast asleep in it. :) I can't wait to see the next round of kittens! Best to you and yours, Mary
Kelly, My wife got me Hero and Holli as kittens for my Christmas present last year . I was shocked to say the least (wife kept their purchase a secret)! I don't know if you remember me...I have to say that these two cats are the greatest present ever. They are ridiculously affectionate and super social. We renamed them Baron and Duchess (obviously Holli is the Duchess, being a girl and all) and they are not only growing up to be large, they are the friendliest cats I have ever seen. Baron (Hero) is so affectionate it's silly. He tries to groom my eyebrows when I'm in bed, and if he can't reach my eyebrows he'll settle on my hair. He'll headbutt and nuzzle frequently, and when I first get home he meows and meows until he feels he has been petted enough. Duchess is very sweet, but terribly shy and a bit of a chicken. Again though, she has an incredible temperament. The only time they're been grouchy was towards each other after they were neutered/spayed. I guess the clinic smell freaked them out. They let me groom them with zero clawing or biting and are very well behaved (if not terrified) at the vet's. I'm attaching pictures! Two of them are when I walked in and they were hugging each other, asleep on the couch. The others are of them trying to destroy my Christmas tree! Thanks again for raising such excellent cats, life is far more interesting with them in it. Alfredo
Peyton is making herself right at home. She is exploring and playing like she owns the place. Bob just turned the football game on and she's watching it. She has a new kitty tower and has been to the top. I don't think she is going to have an adjustment problem! Thank you so much! Bob & Kristi

Kelly, We bought Tango from you last year. I do believe he has the most amazing personality- Thank you so much! Jerad

Just want to say Thank You!! for Havoc, now named Guinness the Menace. Here is a picture of him at 6 months. He weighed in at eleven pounds when he went to be neutered. You are so right, they are not your average Maine Coon. Guinness rules the roost with our two Golden Retrievers. He plays fetch with them, gives us high fives for treats and is fun to watch play. Take care and hope you are doing well. Sincerely, The McCoy Family from Missouri

Kelly...a quick up date...Elvis is doing great!  I love love love this kitty! Wish I had 3 more just like him! He is very solid and already (at 5 months) as big as the avg adult cat...havent got a wt on him lately...he is still independent but wants to be where we are..and has started sittng at my feet and giving my foot a lick now and then..when he hears me getting ice in our glass from the fridge door, he comes running and waits for a chip of ice to fall...i make sure he gets a small piece....i sneak Elvis a few Blue Buffalo kibbles everyday b/c the rest of them cant tolerate it...he loves it....hope all your kitties are doing well...sincerely, Marcy

Kelly, Sugar is home! We just got home a few minutes ago! Delta's cargo area is a couple of miles from where the airport actually is. So, they had to unload the plane and then drive all of the cargo to the actual cargo area. So, it took them until about 5:00 to get her to the cargo area. We're about 2 1/2 hours from DIA, so it took us a little while to get home, and get her settled in. She has gone to the potty box already, and was eating and drinking a little bit. She's exploring right now, and getting used to her new home. She's so beautiful, and has such a laid back personality. She's a sweetie. We're so excited to have her home. Thank you sooo much! Jarica

Greetings Kelly, I was so great meeting you and your husband! You would be proud of Sherlock...We spent the 1st night in a cabin (at Beavers Bend Resort Park) just north of your house and he was a delight! He hid behind the bed pillows for the first few minutes while making some courageous dashes to his food & water on the floor. After a short time he kept poking his head out of the bedroom door to see what we were all about....before you knew it, he was on the couch playing games with us. Sherlock was the right name and we are going to keep it...for he won't rest until he unlocks all of the clues to all of the mysteries before him. That night in the cabin, he crawled under the covers with us and was buzzing around, like a mini bulldozer, searching for clues to his new parents. After breakfast next morning, he inspected the entire cabin - including the refrigerator. What a total delight! He rode back to Branson, over the mountains & through the woods, like a champ. He was all eyes - looking everywhere - this was only his second time in a motor car and he was sucking all the clues in at 60 miles an hour. Scotland Yard here we come! Late that afternoon, we arrived at the lake house. Sherlock was about to meet his big brother Honey Boy! We put him in the grand-kids bedroom with some fresh food and water. He shot under the bed to regain his courage....so we closed the door and gave him some quiet time. We reopened the door about ten minutes later and we reopened the door about ten minutes later and....there he was chowing down on his dry food. He turned to look & shot back under the bed. We left the door open and within a minute Sherlock emerged from his shelter with his detective hat on to gather his new life clues. His curiosity is just unending - followed only by his want to get into the middle of all the action. He spotted Honey-boy immediately and, of course had to get a closer look to see if he was real. Honey-boy totally ignored him and wouldn't even acknowledge him. Sherlock wasn't about to be ignored and was the first to give out a hiss! As the clock ticked, they got more & more friendly towards each other. Sherlock was determined to get this cold shouldered Honey-boy on his side ...he wanted to be part of the family so bad ...but most of all he wanted a playmate and brother to confide in. With Sherlock's help from Scotland Yard (Steve & Sue), he was on his way to victory. Today, they are best of friends, enjoying each other to the point of lounging together and cleaning each other ( we call it taking a shower). We couldn't be happier with Sherlock - and we've only begun to see the years of sunshine that he will bring to us and Honey-boy. Kelly, I have attached 4 pictures for you to enjoy! Sue would like to know how much and how often to feed Sherlock his canned food? We would also like to know if we should register Sherlock with the Cat Fanciers Association. Thanks for Sherlock and your help Kelly! Steve & Sue from Missouri

Dear Kelly, My photography skills are not good, but here are a couple of pics for you. The man of the house (my husband) has not been a great cat lover but he loves Rocky. He loves to watch him making giant leaps from tables to chairs and counters to land on dogs! Everyday there is something new to make us laugh...I am 5wks out of surgery and walking about 2 miles a day, have been driving for 2 wks without pain killers. My precious kitten has been the best company during my recovery. I could not be happier and I thank you so much for making this happen. I watch your website to see the new litters and Rocky watches with me. He loves the computer! Thank you again, Susan

Hi Kelly, don't know if you'll remember me, have a cream boy and a silver boy, they are 5 hrs old and have been great pets. Got my silver first and my ex husband bought the cream for me as my other cat had passed away by the time Cody got here. Have enjoyed them both tremendously and are quite the characters. You were studying nursing the last time we spoke, hope all is well with you, Lorrie Clearwater, FL. Yep they are still beach cats.

Kelly, I just wanted to write and tell you thank you again!   We took our baby to the vet yesterday - one of the vets has several Maine Coons from a breeder from Fort Worth.  She was very impressed with our big boy!  Words aren't there to adequately tell you just how much we love Hobbes!  (We changed his name (Loki) - the boys always loved the comic strip Calvin and Hobbes - perfect for our red!) I will let you know when we have the surgery to neuter - it is tenatively scheduled for 7-8 months.  Our vet will help us determine just the right time.  He is doing grand - weighed in at 5lbs. 10 0zs. on his check this week.  An absolute sweetie pie!  Thank you, thank you!   ~Kim

Hurley, now Dexter, is awesome.  Everything we could've hoped for.  We almost feel like we'd be tempting fate trying to get another guy as cute, friendly, and personable as him. Thanks, Charles

Wow, are we ever crazy about this cat. He is amazing. Our 4 year old grandson tells everyone that Mickey is his best friend. Mickey puts his paws gently on each side of Isaacs face and they actually give each other a hug. Having this special cat has made a difference in our lives. The picture was taken 2 weeks ago. I will send you another one so you can see how big he was at 4 months. Sincerely, Judy

Kelly, We are in love! He (Midas) is so good, except for toilet paper unrolling and playful scratching, and he is best at cuddling and sleeping all night. We are planning on calling him Bradfords Rock and Rocky as call name honoring his Dad. He comes to Rocky raccoon. Thank you for arranging for me to get him. Denny

Dear Kelly, Hope all is well in Mountain Fork. Would you believe that my Rocky is an alarm clock and at the same times? Rocky wakes me by licking my eyelashes! He does let me go back to sleep, but never for too long. He also is still very attached to his blue baby blanket. I am so smitten with my kitten, and would love to kitnap Sherlock on his way to Mo. He is almost as handsome as my Rocky! I was so glad to see that you kept that beautiful female kitten to breed with Maslow. What a combo! If you ever get to Tulsa, please let me know. I would be happy to arrange a visit with my family of pets. Denny

Hi Kelly, Just wanted to let you know that Rocky was neutered yesterday. All went well, and he is pouncing on the dogs and other cats as usual. He has gotten even more affectionate since we returned from a five day trip to Georgia. My granddaughter slept with him while we were gone, so now he sleeps in the crook of my arm, or right by my neck. He is so loving! He must have had a wonderful young life with you, and now I get all the benefits!  Thank you again and again, Denny

Hello Kelly, We thought you'd enjoy seeing some pics of Red (aka Mosby). He's doing great and such a wonderful personality. He purrs all the time!!  You just look at him and he rolls over and starts purring - one can't help but fall in love with him. We've also included a photo of his brother Blue!

Hey Kelly! Just checking in with you, letting you know how the babies are doing... :) Much like I suspected, my husband ended up renaming Holli "Duchess", after the cat in Aristocats. Hero he has taken to calling the Red Baron or "Baron" for short. I am constantly getting compliments on their size and how pretty the kitties are! Baron was very vocal on the drive home, meowing in response whenever we talked to him. Duchess was very calm and slept almost the whole way there, waking only to groom her brother. We took them to the vet monday and they weighed in a 4 and 3 lbs 1 oz respectively. The vet remarked on how healthy and well-behaved both of them are! She said it's unusual for kittens their age. They are very well-behaved actually...they never claw or bite. Thanks a bunch! Sincerely, Tess

Hi Kelly, After 4 days of taking turns being out, I brought them (Elvis & other kitty) out together on thur morning....Jr hissed a lot but at days end they were tolerating each other and by friday night were best buds....they romp and play and Jr ends up holding him down and bathing him...after which they fall asleep together on the back of the couch...I'm pretty sure Elvis is trying to find something else in that fur at times....he is the most receptive to being held and letting me talk softly to him in his ear right after he's had a nap....he is eating well and i still put him in his little room at bedtime... they will all be sleeping with me after i acclimate the other two in a couple of weeks....dont want him getting himself into trouble out in the house at night just yet....he's always ready for bed after playing....he loves cold bottled water..I wash his bowl and put fresh water in at bedtime and he really goes after it....he is truly a joy! Im so glad we got him!!  My husband says "he's going to be a chunk"..til next time..Marcy

Tito (Mozart) follows Dewars every where and always wants to sleep with or on him. Here is a cute picture I got today. I was working from home and they both are curled up beside my desk.  At one point Tito was laying on top of him. He is doing well. Very happy, busy and sweet! Jay

Kelly, I just wanted to let you know that Kahlua has made herself right at home here. She's been eating like a horse and drinking well, too. She has been playing with lots of kitty toys and she especially likes the toy with the feathers on the end of a stick. She's been playing some with Sam, and seems to be perking him up a bit. At the moment, she is curled up with my hubby in bed, and they're both crashed out, cold. She's had a big day, but she seems content. We are just marveling at her. She's so pretty, and has such a sweet personality! Very out going and not shy at all. She's sweet as can be! Jackson, my male kitty should be her by the end of this week, and he's just a couple of weeks older than her, so she'll have a younger kitty to play with soon, who can keep up with her. Thank you for letting her become a part of our family. We're in love with her already. Oh, where do you find the stainless steel wash basins that you use for litter boxes? That's a really great idea! Jarica

Kelly, We are all, young and old in love!! Will send Christmas photos. Words really can't describe how precious Hootie is. Even our big, old Maine Coon loves him!  Barb

Kelly: Thank you again for doing such a beautiful job with these babies.  We are home safe and sound and they slept all the way. Hemi hit the floor running, into everything and found my shoes immediately!  Kizmet is a little more reserved, but I put a catnip mouse down and he started playing.  They are so beautiful and I couldn't be more grateful. Thank you so much. Dawn
Just wanted to let you know Murphy is doing great, has really come to life, loves his new home, is playful, and has found that perfect spot on our couch to sleep at night. Thank you so much, happy new year. Matthew
Kelly:  I just had to take a few minutes to tell you about these silly boys!  Hemi has decided that I am now his favorite toy.  If I am standing near a table, the arm of the sofa, he will jump onto my back.  He lays on my back the entire time I scoop out their litter boxes. If there is not a table or the sofa close by, occaisionally, he will just launch himself up towards me. I try to catch him as quick as I can or he just latches on to whatever part of my body he can reach. He is my blue Ninja...ha.  Kiz is much more laid back, but when he wants to eat and I don't pay attention, he proceeds to clear off the coffee table, the end table, anytthing to get my attention. Then while I am putting their food into the bowls, Kiz stands on his hind legs and wraps his paws around my leg, like a hug, until the spoon clinks on the side of the bowl then he and Hemi start dancing and chirping arount the mat where I put their food.  If I shake their treat container, they come flying and eat their treats out of my hands.  Kiz pretty much inhales his, while Hemi carefully chews his to make them last.  They are hilarious to watch.  Kiz will lay right beside Hemi's treats and not touch one of them. They are absolutely adorable and have so much personality.  Kizmet is now over 5lbs and Hemi is just over 4 lbs.  Kiz is still qute a bit longer than Hemi, but Hemi make up for it in energy.  They are both more horizontal than vertical and don't really try to  jump up on anything other than the sofa and the living room tables.  They are the sweetest. I still visit the website to see the new babies.  I love the look of Maslow and I am telling myself that I can't get another kitten for a while....sure would love one of his though.  Congratulations.  I can't wait until you get him and post more pics. Thanks again. Dawn

Just sending a few pics to show you how beautiful our boy has gotten! He is growing so fast! These pics were taken at 17 weeks. He is playful, lazy and clumsy! He seldom ever uses his claws at all. His big furry feet make running through the house on wood floors so entertaining! He behaves very well and isn't destructive at all. I read the characteristics of the Maine coon and I was amazed to find that he has ALL of them! He paws water out of his bowl before he drinks, he chirps at us occasionally but is quiet most of the time, and he is a lazy kind of playful! He has outgrown our house dogs now and delights in tormenting them before he curls up with the dachshund to sleep. We absolutely could never have chosen a better cat! Thanks so much for raising such a beautiful, well socialized kitty for my family. In the first picture he is in my husbands lap. Hopefully it will give you an idea of how big he has gotten. Thanks again! Tracy

Dear Kelly, Just checking in about our adorable kitten.  He is just the love of our lives!  I want to let you know he is scheduled for his neutering on December 1st.  I will send you a copy of the papers from our vet after we are home. Many thanks, again for our sweet baby!  Our home would not be complete with our Big Boy!  I will let you know his weight, as well! We visit the website quite often to see the new babies - so so cute! Thank you again, Kim

She (Ruby Butterfly) weighs about 18 pounds (at 16 mo old) and she's not fat...(and has HUGE Lynx Tips)... She is a BIG girl and so strong... If she gets her claws into something it's toast. But mostly she justa lover. =^..^=, Sals (Sally)

Hi Kelly, I am letting you know that we are so happy to have LexieCoon with us. Her fur is starting to grow already. She is becoming my little princess. We have to be careful not to step on her because she is too confident and is always around our feet. She seems to be extremely intelligent. She sleeps on me very often. She is exactly as described by you, extremely affectionate! There are times that I have to put her down because having her on me all the time is way too much! Lol!! I talk to her with a baby voice and when she comes towards me she rings and chirps like if she had a bell in her throat. It is soooo cute!!!! She is also very rambunctious and play with the tail of my other Maine Coon (Solaris). He is very tolerant towards her and they both get along very well. You will find a picture in attachment. Look at those lynx tips!!! Is it her mom or the dad, who is affectionate like this? Best regards, Lydia and Michael

Kelly, So sorry it has taken me so long to let you know how the new baby is doing. She's wonderful! Quite the handful. She's taken over the house like she has always lived here. She's already starting to play fetch with her favorite toy mouse. Finnie which I shortened Finnigan because it suited her, has been so quick to adapt, even on the ride home she began to play. I've sent a few pictures to show you how much she has already grown and how perfect she is. Thank you again for letting me adopt this little wonder. Jacqualine

Just letting you know how Carlos is doing. He is perfect! Love his personality. He is a lazy kind of playful that is so entertaining. He is clumsy for a cat but we like to think it is because he is growing so fast. He never uses his claws when playing with us and LOVES attention. His furry feet can't get much traction on our wood floors so he slides past our dog when he tries to attack her! Tracy

Hi Kelly, The boys are  a year old now and both have very different personalities. Mac weighed in at 16 lbs when he turned one and is very muscular and athletic.  He is a very independent cat and does things on his own time.  He has grown very close to my younger daughter and will wait in the window for her to come home from school and when he spots her he is right there at the door greeting her. Mac has grown to be a great cat and his tail... wow... whenever we take him out  we always get a comment about how beautiful it is. Mickey... what a cat..... he weighed in at over 18lbs at his one year checkup and is the most loveable, and flubby cat. He is not at all like Mac he is our couch potato and will climb up into our laps to sleep.  He is never in a room by himself he is always wanting to be around the family, he is our BIG baby. Mickey is always so gentle with his paws and does things at a slow pace. He will do anything for his treats and has his own chair at the kitchen table during dinner. The boys go with us on their leashes to Petsmart and car rides and they are the most well behaved cats.  People that meet them are surprised to see them just sitting in the cart and observing everything.  We are always getting comments on their size, what breed they are, and how beautiful they are and we a proud to show them off!!! Never a dull moment with them. Thanks for these lovely boys, they are gorgeous and they are well loved. Laurie

Kelly, Timmie made it through his neutering just fine. He weighs just under 9 lbs. at almost six months. Willow goes in to be spayed on Wednesday. She is the sweetest cat I've ever known and is definitely my little shadow. She supervises litter box scooping and sleeps with me every night. Patti

Hi, Kelly Just wanted to give you an update on Timmie and Willow. They had their final kitten shots today and the vet says both of them are very healthy. He was again impressed with their friendliness and lack of fear. Timmie continues to grow at a fast pace. He weighs 5.6 pounds a week short of four months old. Willow is growing at a slower pace and weighs 4 pounds. Both of them are sweet natured and very smart! They are beginning to establish a tolerance/friendship with the dogs. I can't imagine life without them! Patti
Hey Kelly, Just wanted to forward a picture of Morgan so you can see how huge he is getting to be!  He is as tall as our 7 year old cat.  This picture was taken on his 6 month birthday. We absolutely love him, his awesome personality and his keen sense of humor are very entertaining every day. Thank you again for this great cat!  I wish we could take a couple more! Connie and Family
Life is good for the beastie (our Trinity)! We've decided her tail could be a good feather duster. We love her! Nancy
Hi Kelly. Just wanted to touch base and let you know that Isabella is doing great. She is a wonderful kitty and so much fun. So far, she isn't too crazy about Jack, my golden retriever, but I think it's because he's so big and she's still little. Hopefully, when she gets bigger, she'll feel safer around him and will maybe play? Don't know. But for now, she's the boss of him and keeps him in his place! he is a big tender-hearted silly, so he just lets her be. One of these days, I'd like to get another one from you. One that would be a good playmate for Izzy. Nancy 
Hi Kelly! Just wanted to update you on (Serendipity) Roxie! She has settled in nicely! Very much likes being the center of attention! Follows us from room to room! But sleeps with my mom! Amber
Kelly, we just LOVE our kitten!  He is so very adorable.  An absolute sweetie pie!  I can't tell you enough how very happy we are with him.  Thank you, thank you!  Just wondering if you have dogs - Our lab has always lived with cats - just wondering if Loki has.  Thank you again, and it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday.  Many thanks, ~Kim

Kelly..I wanted to let you know that Inkie was such a trooper on the ride home.  She barely made a peep and slept and played and is so curious.  Not stressed at all! She came right in and took over mom's room.  We're keeping her in there for a bit....and she is not lacking for anything to keep her occupied. She loves to sit in mom's shoes and puts a toy in almost every one she can find.  She's repelling up the bed and then flies off like a flying squirrel!  I've never seen a kitten so playful and so energetic....and I've had MANY over the years.  No problems with the sand box or food, and she owns the roost! She's a little shy with being picked up, but is getting used to the new "people".  At night she sleeps in a little bed right next to my mom's pillow.  We can't figure out how she knows that's where she is supposed to sleep. They go to bed about the same time and she wakes up about 6:30 and just quietly plays.  Mom is an early bird, so she loves waking up to this precious little ball of happiness. She is absolutely adorable.  Mom loves her little "ink spot" on her nose!  We didn't think it was possible, but she's also more beautiful in person. Thank you again for raising such a sweet precious gift for my mom.  It's so good to see the happiness back in her eyes! Warm regards, Suzanne

Hi Kelly....She is a pure little ball of happiness.....wakes up happy....takes her nap happily....plays so happy and goes to bed at night as soon as the lights go out.  She's abandoned her bed for a spot snuggled up next to mom exactly where her little soul mate Georgie used to sleep.  Mom gets up in the night....Inkie sits there and waits for mom to get settled and then gets back in that same spot!  It's almost like Georgie left instructions on what that routine was.....it's almost scary.  I've had a lot of kitties and kittens and they all are a joy, but Inkie is the smartest little thing I've ever seen SO YOUNG!  You can tell she's looking at things and working them out.  She doesn't cry or get fussy....she just gets determined that she's going to do what ever her "people" did.  She got a new batch of brightly colored mice and they each have some duty.  Every morning, the green one is sitting in her food bowl....the yellow one is for play in the den....the pink one goes in the bath tub and the orange one is a gift to my mother several times a day. Thanks a million! Suzanne

Hi Kelly, Wallee has just passed his first birthday & he is doing great! We recently moved into a house & now Wallee has a new brother, Tito, to play with & keep him company. They love to play chase & wrestle all the time. It's not uncommon to see the rug in the living room covered in orange fur as that's where they do most of their wrestling & Tito is a big orange cat also. Last week I had Wallee shaved as a joke to surprise my roommate. I honestly think he loves looking like a lion as he prances around the house all the time now. Everyone absolutely loves him & thinks he is the best cat. I call him a dog stuck in a cat body as all of his characteristics are more of a dog than a cat. I look forward to many years of entertainment & love from Wallee. Thank you again for such an awesome cat. Raechel

We love them (Benson & Demi)! They are getting into everything these days!!  They are inseparable and play constantly. Benson is wild and I can rarely get him to pose or stay still for a pic.   Demi, however is a little princess and she loves to have her pic taken!  They have been neutered and spayed.  I just haven't sent you the paperwork.  I will one of these days. I'll be sure to send more pics in the future! Tracye
Dear Kelly, This kitty is amazing. Eating like a champ. We are having a great time! Thank you so much! You are the cat angel that I was meant to find. Sedivy
Hi Kelly, Look at these beautiful boys! They are both weighing 11 pounds right now, and Mickey LOVES to eat. There is a month difference between them, I can't believe Mickey has already caught up to Mac! Mac is a typical MC, with a great personality and he is always giving his brother a bath. He comes when you whistle or when you come in any of the doors. He is always ready to go outside (they are allowed to play on the trampoline). Now Mickey.. oh boy, he is a hard one to describe. Always on the hunt for food and constantly on the kitchen table & counters! He is a huge snuggler and purrs like no other, loves to have his tummy rubbed. I usually have 6 toddlers here during the day and the boys will just sit right by them and watch them play. They will find the treat bag and bring it to us, well actually Mickey tries to rip it open. Most of the time we see them with some kind of object in their mouth, and running through the house with it. We are soooo glad we adopted both of them, because they love each other so much! We can't stand even a few hours away from them. They are just the sweetest cats ever and are such a joy to be around. Thanks for raising such awesome cats! The Cooke Family
Hi, Kelly. We are so happy with Gabby (name may be changed because we have a dog named Abby). She is just fabulous in every way. She did all of her tricks for us yesterday- roll over, pat the ball, sneak up on dog, and chase the tail. She proved to be fearless as she explored every nook and cranny of the downstairs and made it upstairs before we put up the baby gate. She is equally as sweet as she is adventurous, already part of our family and we love her to pieces. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Julie and Mike
Kelly- Just wanted to let you know our Maine Coon kitten is doing great, she is so energetic. We just had her spayed and she did well with that. She was a birthday present for our daughter. Anyway, thanks for a great addition to our family. My only complaint is that she comes on our bed every morning at 4:30 and wants to nuzzles and purrs. She purrs so loud that sleep is over, I was never a morning person but I’m learning to be.  John and Trayve

Kelly, Here is another pic of Maisey (Shiner). Maisey is a nut, always playing and happy. She loves to sit on the window sill and watch things outside. Share or post pics as you wish. John

Hi Kelly! Just wanted to update you on Hooch. He's getting along fabulously with the whole family.  He is the sweetest kitty, made himself right at home here.  I've never had a kitty that purred so much, he's adorable. I've attached some pictures. Shelly
Hi Kelly, I hope all is well in catville.=) I wanted to send you some recent pictures of Titan (at 2 yrs of age). He's doing great. Rotten as can be and acts like he's a dog. I guess that's what happens being raised with an 80 pound older brother (dog.) Take Care, Fairleigh
Hi Kelly! I hope all is well in Maine Coone-ville! I wanted to send you some recent pictures of Titan. I took him to the vet about a month ago to have him weighed and he was 10.4 pounds and just shy of 7 months old! He is definitely growing up quick and is going to be a very big boy! We absolutely LOVE him! He is filled with personality and GORGEOUS. Between Zeus and him I have my hands full! I will keep the pictures coming as he continues to grow. Enjoy the upcoming holidays! ~Fairleigh
Kelly, Just wanted to give you an update on Tripp.  We were either going to name him Sebastian or Mufasa (from Lion King).  We decided on Mufasa.  We absolutely love him.  Our dog, Truman and our cat, Tiger think he's really great also.  Last night I brought him to bed with me.  He curled up in my neck and fell asleep.  He was the only one who slept.  He has the loudest purr.  I didn't have the heart to move him.  He seems so content and you can tell he knows he's loved.  He's already totally spoiled.  On our drive home, within 10 minutes, he jumped up on the dash board of my car and that is where he slept for 1 1/2 hours. I'll send pictures when I can.  Thanks for giving us such a beautiful, sweet kitten. Michelle
Kelly, Hera is as sweet as you said.  She is already at home.  I'm sorry I didn't get to meet you. I really appreciate James bringing her to meet me. I would love to visit with you about how you got started breeding.  I would love to breed them someday. Thanks so much. Carol

Hi Kelly, I wanted to send you some recent pictures of Mr. Titan. He is growing up very fast and is gorgeous! We absolutely adore him. Last month I transferred back to my hometown in Augusta, GA. Titan was such a great rider on the 18 hour drive back down south! He and Zeus took turns sleeping and snuggling up on one another the entire way. We were extremely impressed with how laid back he was on the long drive! The 2 of them are best buds! I will keep the pictures and updates coming as Titan grows up. Fairleigh

Hi Kelly, Wally Bob is growing so much!  Every day he seems to get bigger.  And just when I think he can't get any cooler, he does. Even my husband's guy friends who don't typically like cats are impressed by W.B.!  And even though I know the breed isn't typically a lap cat, W.B. is.  He loves to lay on our laps, but when not on our laps he at least likes to be touching us with one of his paws when asleep.  He loves to play fetch and loves to carry around toy mice in his mouth.  He even loves our Lab, Butkus.  At first he was a bit scared of him, but as you will see from the pictures...no more.  He in fact likes to vault off Butkus's back like a gymnast now and climb all over his head and play with his tail - which Butkus sways back and forth for him.  Wally Bob is so wonderful.  He has had all the shots he needs till next year and he will be nutured in October.  Hope you enjoy the pics! Thanks for W.B., Elizabeth 

 Hi Kelly, I wanted to send you an update on Tabasco! He is doing very well. Constantly purring & always on the go! He gets along great with my dog, Daisy, & I quite often find them snuggling up for an afternoon nap. His last vet visit he weighed just under 6 lbs. He quickly learned the concept of fetch & we use this as the fastest way to wear him out! Thanks again for such an awesome kitten! Rachel 

Wally is perfect, Kelly!!  He is so fun to watch play....he plays all the time, expect when he is napping or sleeping with me.  He really is a snuggle bug like you said.  And he purrs it seems all the time, as well.  I had no idea a cat would even purr while he slept!  I am also happy to report he is eating and drinking just fine.  The first day he ate only a little at night after I put him at his food dish, but the second day he was eating and drinking by his own accord.  He is so wonderful, Kelly, and he has to be the prettiest cat on top of a great personality.  I feel so blessed to have him.  Thank you for the perfect cat!  I have attached some pictures of him I took the first couple days at home. Elizabeth
 Hi Kelly, We are loving every minute with him! He is a bundle of energy and is super sweet when he wants to be (when he wants to be being the key words)! He's a big biter! I'm not sure if that's just a Maine Coon trait or if it's just him. My dad's Maine Coon is a nibbler still at 2 years old. He's recently decided to sit at Zeus' (the dog) food bowl and not allow Zeus to get near it! Poor Zeus backs down every time! He also has started stealing Zeus' bones and nibbling on them! They are both getting along very well with each other and seem to love having each other's company.They will grow to be best friends. I will continue sending pictures as he grows. Thanks again, Fairleigh

Kelly, I purchased a kitten back last Sept. from you & we are doing great.  He is growing like a weed.  I attached a photo of him. The last visit to the vet he was around 11 lbs and in perfect health.  I have never had a cat that had more characteristics of a dog than a cat.  His favorite thing to do is play fetch.  I doesn't matter if it a toy mouse, a ball, or a small dog bone.  We have to do that every night before he will settle down.  He will also paw at the shower door until you open it up so he can jump in.  He absolutely loves playing in water.  If he wasn't bright orange I would swear he's a small lab puppy. Thanks again for everything. Blake S.

Hi Kelly! I just wanted to attach some pictures for you, and let you know that Chloe is doing so well! She is such a sweet, sweet, sweet girl, and we just love her to death. I believe at her last visit to the vet she weighed about 10 lbs. so she is certainly growing! She is just the perfect Maine Coon...so sweet, but loves to play and just always wants to be around you (and of course, comes running when she hears the treat bag open!!! Ha!). We are so happy with her, and thank you for the purr-fect kitten!! : ) Hope all is well! Beth
Hi Kelly, Hope you enjoy seeing the pics of the kitties.  Loki is gorgeous, long and lean, and Miss Baylei is my sweetheart, over weight, I need to diet her really bad, but all so much the lady!  As you have said she is "very" dignified. How are things going on with you?  You still breeding Maine Coons? Hope all is going well with you, Lindy
Hi, Kelly, Just wanted to let you know that Tulio is a well loved member of our family now!  He is a sweet kitty and becoming more attached to us.  He climbed up on the kids bed to sleep with them last night. I have included 2 pics for you and will highly recommend your kittens to anyone! Thank you, Anupa
Kelly, Have I told you yet Wally is perfect? Well, he is.  I love him so much and get so much amusement out of watching him play.  He is definitely full on kitten right now with getting into things and wanting to jump up on things (some of which he can't make quite yet).  He is starting to be very adventurous.  Of course, he is still very sweet and cuddly.  He is in fact laying on my lap as I type this.  Just wanted to let you know he is doing well and will be going to the vet this Friday to schedule his neutering and what meds to get him on when. Thank you for Wally. Elizabeth 


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