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Mountain Fork European Maine Coons
Small Epic Cattery. Big European Cats.
Broken Bow, OK USA
European Maine Coon Cats = Mountain Fork Maine Coon FeLions
Specializing In Direct Imported 100% European Maine Coons

Mountain Fork Grizzly, photo courtesy of his owner, the Chehi Family! 



Est. 2005


Stated by our veterinarian to CFA, about our Mountain Fork European Maine Coons: "I have been Kelly's veterinarian for many years. She is the most conscientious breeder I have ever worked with". Dr Sherman Hadley, DVM


The following statement received about Mountain Fork European Maine Coons: "Those have to be some of the most dramatic lynx tips I've ever seen!" Barb French, founder of the prestigious FBRL.


The link to our CFA (Cat Fanciers' Association) registered cattery name (MTN FORK) since October 2005, is on the CFA website:



Our MAINE goal is geared towards producing healthy, friendly, family oriented companions with the European looks & XL size and to place them in homes where they will receive the love, care and attention that they are so willing to give to their new family. We spend endless hours socializing our kittens, caring for them, cleaning our home & their environment. All of our cats and kittens receive attention and love from our family on a daily basis.



FeLions from Mountain Fork are handled from birth to familiarize them with human contact and foster along socialization skills necessary for them once they leave their mommy kitty, littermates and us. Most people do not really understand the critical importance of the window of socialization that only lasts from 2 to 7 weeks of age. The following quote is from Robert Tabor’s Cat Behavior: A complete guide to understanding how your cat works: “Eileen Karsh established that the window of the sensitive period for habituating kittens to people is from two weeks to seven weeks. Cats handled regularly during this time were prepared, when older, to stay on someone’s lap longer and approach people more readily. Cats that were handled after this period, that is from weaning onwards, behaved no differently from cats that had not been handled at all. All too often, as young kittens they will not have been handled regularly. Brought into new homes where they are the focus of attention they receive lots of handling, yet it seems this will not socialize them as well as the little time spent each day before weaning.”  From the day they are born, usually only moments after their birth, our Maine Coon kittens are handled. This has paid off well for us, as evidenced by our long list of testimonials; many of which are from repeat Buyers. You will find that our Mountain Fork Maine Coon kittens are an absolute joy, from the moment they get adjusted to their new home, environment and surroundings.

We meet all Buyers in a public place, at Pratt Veterinarian Services, located at 2668 South Park Drive -Broken Bow, Oklahoma 74728. All kittens are vet checked prior to leaving us, for their new homes and come with a copy of their vet issued Health Certificate. Kittens leave us, their mommy and littermates after being fully weaned, beginning at 10 weeks of age. If the weaning process is not completed, a kitten may stay until 12 weeks. All Mountain Fork European kittens are sold as family pets, without breeding rights. 

Many potential buyers imagine our home cattery similar to a petting zoo; where one can tour, touch and handle our cats, kittens and view their surroundings. However; our cattery is our home and due to past security experiences as well as requesting respect for our free time at home, we do not accommodate what some buyers think of as appropriate. We do not carry commercial liability insurance for our home/property. Our insurance carrier prohibits buyers accepting their kitten on our property as well as conducting "cattery tours". We have our routine work and play schedule which allows us to incorporate a strictly maintained virus prevention environment. This policy is in place, in order to protect our kittens from various diseases that could be brought into our home by visitors, especially those who have "rescue" cats or kittens from other less knowledgeable breeders, already in their home. Our veterinarian comes to our home monthly (house call) for each litter of kittens' vet exam & health certification prior to leaving for their new homes. We care about the health of each kitten sold and want the very best possible for each one. We do not subject our newly vaccinated kittens to the inside vet clinic environment, where ill cats are brought in on a daily basis. Are we serious and overprotective about the health of our cats and kittens? Guilty!

Our home as well as our 3 stud cats' environment (specially designed 2,160 square foot climate controlled shop) is annually veterinarian inspected and we are proud of our certification as a distinguished  CFA "Cattery of Excellence".  Only catteries which maintain the highest environmental quality of cleanliness and cat care, can achieve this distinction!

If you understand our reasoning behind our policies, are interested in providing a loving home to our fur babies, you will be happy to follow our prevention protocols. We will not jeopardize safety or the health of our kittens, in order to please a Buyer.

Our cats and kittens are our favorite hobby and remain our greatest responsibility, which we feel very passionate about. We do everything possible, to give our fur babies a healthy start in life. Before a kitten leaves us, it will be dewormed three times as a preventive measure against internal parasites and given a series of two; FVRCP & FVR core vaccinations. We do not vaccinate with the FeLV vaccine, since our cats are not allowed to roam outdoors. Nor do we vaccinate with either the FIV or FIP vaccines, since research has shown it may cause long term health conditions. It is up to the Buyer, to vaccinate additionally with the Rabies vaccine when the kitten is 12 weeks old or older. 

Our kittens are guaranteed FeLV & FIV negative at the time of purchase. Mountain Fork Maine Coons participate in the Cat Phenotype and Health Information Registry (Cat PHIR). In addition, our cats are found to be (N/N) (Negative/Negative) by DNA genetic testing, and documented as free from: Maine Coon Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) mutation, Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD1), Pyruvate Kinase (PK Deficiency), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA-CRX, PRA-CEP 290) and Mucopolysaccharidosis (s) Severe and (m) Mild (MPS VI). European Maine Coons are our passion, with health and longevity being our goal and top priority! We offer a 1 year Health Guarantee against hereditary/genetic defects that would end the kittens life. Our Maine Coon cats and kittens receive outstanding care by our compassionate veterinarians & staff. 

Nutrition is an important aspect of caring for our Mountain Fork Maine Coons. Exceptional food plays a large role in developing a "Super" Maine Coon cat. We feed breed specific premium foods; dry as well as wet.  Please visit our "Cat/Kitten Food" page for details.

Buyers are provided a generous kitten kit, at the time of kitten pick up: Kitten's Health Record, bag of dry food, canned food, interaction toys, and Mountain Fork European Maine Coon Kitten Care with Training Tips.

We use Tidy Cats lightweight clumping litter. Please note that some generic brand clay litters can contain silica & bentonite, may clump and harden in their bowels and cause an obstruction which can also be toxic if licked and ingested. 

Monthly, during mosquito season, we apply Revolution ® topical to all our adult cats. This is applied to the back "scruff" of the cat's neck. Heartworms are caused by mosquitos who carry the disease, bites your kitten, and is transferred to them. Mosquitos can get into your home whenever you open your doors to go outside. Revolution ® also prevents ear mites, roundworms and hookworms. Also, fleas can be brought into the kittens environment from dogs allowed to go in and out.  

The parents of our adult breeding Maine Coons come from Champion, Grand Champion, International Grand Champion bloodlines. We allow our queens to breed twice each year. In our efforts to continue to improve our Maine Coons, we typically retire our female adults by the time they reach 4-5 years of age. We love BIGGG cats! By that time, we have selectively chosen kittens that are the best of the best (best personality, breed standard/conformation/type and substantial size) to carry on their parent's bloodlines. We place our retired adults in pet homes, where they are still young enough to enjoy a long & full life. They are usually the the center of attention and what a conversation item!

Maine Coons typically need 3 years, and some upwards of 5 years to reach their adult size. Our mature males have exceptional jowls and head widths are wider. Please be patient on weight expectations with your MC kitten.

We put great emphasis on the quality of the lives of our Mountain Fork European Maine Coons. Our cats and kittens expect a clean, loving, stimulating and stress free environment. They will give it back ten-fold in love, adoration and affection (not to mention entertainment)!

Raising European Maine Coons is our greatest reward.

Breeding European Maine Coons remains our greatest responsibility.

Once you have owned a Mountain Fork 100% European Maine Coon, to have any other FeLion would be a compromise! 


Email: mtnforkkittens@gmail.com      Text: (580) 306-3571

Kelly Sparkman, Founder, Mountain Fork European Imports, LLC    

Est. 2005

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