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Small Epic Cattery. Big European Cats.
Located In Broken Bow, OK USA
Premium Nutrition. Premium FeLions.
We Annually Receive The Cat Fanciers' Association "Cattery of Excellence" Distinction





Healthy & Holistic



Blue Buffalo Blue Healthy Growth Kitten Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food


A kitten pack complete with: current dry & canned foods, vet issued health certificate, vet issued rabies certificate (if older than 12 weeks of age) health/immunization record, kitten tips and interaction toys are provided at the time of kitten pick up (Buyers need to bring a Sherpa carrier & small litterbox/litter).


Proper nutrition is an extremely important aspect of caring for your Maine Coon and plays a large role in developing a "Super" quality adult European cat!


For our adult cats, we feed Royal Canin Maine Coon. You can order online at www.chewy.com

We start our 4 week old kittens on Blue Wilderness Kitten wet/canned food, as well as Healthy Growth Kitten grain free dry food. You can order online at www.chewy.com

We transition our kittens from Blue Buffalo Kitten Healthy Growth dry/kibble to Royal Canin Maine Coon dry/kibble, @ around 1 year of age.

We feed both wet and dry food twice daily. We also supplement kittens with an amazing canned milk product, vitamins and a pure fish product (we share product information with Buyers, at the time of kitten pick up). 




Email: nursekelly70@yahoo.com    Text (580) 306-3571

Kelly Sparkman, Founder, Mountain Fork European Imports, LLC    

Updated January 13, 2020

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