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We direct imported Maslow in from Poland! Maslow shown here at almost 4 years old....his size, purrsonality and those 100% European looks! Keep in mind, this is his summer coat as he is allowed outdoors (protected by screened in catio) to soak up the sun whenever he wishes to....and he absolutely loves the outdoors; watching birds, deer, squirrels and wild turkeys. Nothing frightens him....he is laid way back!


We imported Maslow in directly from Poland, in December 2011.

In Poland's cat registry club, Maslow is a "Black" Classic Tabby. Here in the USA, his coloring is referred to as (Dark) Brown Classic Tabby.


The majority spoke and we listened... so, by popular demand, we chose Maslow with those wild and exotic looks his cattery in Poland is known for!


He has made many families happy with kittens sired by him!


Maslow comes from an excellent, world winning, cattery that has gone to great lengths to perfect the European Maine Coon cat. To say we are thrilled with him is an understatement!


He is sweet, demanding, observant and very STRONG.


We love this gentle giant and his unique purrsonality....he is definately different from any cat we have ever been owned by.


Many thanks to Kate in Poland, for this wonderful boy!!


Maslow  contributes to our goal of producing "Not Your Ordinary" Maine Coon, providing pet owners "Super" quality European kittens.

 Time for my catnap!



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