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Breeder Proof of Kitten - Not A Scammer


Due to online scams, whereby kittens are being offered for cheap (typically $2,000 or less with the scammer asking for a $500 deposit) and Buyers requesting verification that the Breeder actually has said kitten(s) we understand the need for proof before sending the required $300 holding fee to reserve one of our kittens. This is an ongoing problem that we hear about on a near daily basis "I thought a $800 kitten was a great deal, so I sent them the $500 deposit and then they blocked me....I got scammed".





We have no problem proving who we are! However, due to excessive disregard for our time (Buyers wanting to FaceTime/ Facebook Messenger video call while they are ordering to go food and asking us to hold while they straighten their food order out, while they pick up kids from daycare, take their dogs out for a potty break, etc.) we no longer offer FaceTime/Facebook Messenger Video Calls.



We offer the following: tell us what you want us to write on a Post-It Note and we will video & take photos of the kitten(s) you are interested in, with the Post-It Note beside the specific kitten(s). We will then send this documentation to the Buyer in a text or email.



Here are kitten photo examples, where a Buyer wanted us to write her name (Michelle) next to male kitten ("Amos" from our Blue Angel x Lucas litter) to prove it's actually our kitten, in our possession and not a scammer stealing kitten photos from other websites!

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