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Our European Maine Coon FeLion Colors
Colorings our cats produce. The classic pattern has circles to the trunk area. The mackerel pattern has stripes to the trunk area. None of our cats/kittens have "high" white, which is a mostly white cat.


(Dark) Brown Classic Tabby.

Referred to as "Black" Classic Tabby in Europe.


(Warm) Brown Classic Tabby


Blue Classic Tabby/White (Low White)


Solid Blue

(No Tabby Markings) 


(Cool) Brown Mackerel Tabby


(Dark) Brown Classic Tabby/White (Low White)


(Warm) Brown Classic Tabby/White (Low White)


Solid Black



No Tabby Markings

"Black Tuxedo" (Low White)



No Tabby Markings 

"Blue Tuxedo" (Low White)


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