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Mountain Fork European FeLion Colors
Color & pattern combinations our cats produce: The classic pattern has circles to the trunk area. The mackerel pattern has stripes to the trunk area. None of our cats/kittens have "high" white, which is a mostly white cat.


(Dark) Brown Classic Tabby.

Referred to as "Black" Classic Tabby in Europe.


(Warm) Brown Classic Tabby


Blue Classic Tabby/White (Low White)


Solid Blue

(No Tabby Markings) 


(Cool) Brown Mackerel Tabby


(Dark) Brown Classic Tabby/White (Low White)


(Warm) Brown Classic Tabby/White (Low White)


Solid Black



No Tabby Markings

"Black Tuxedo" (Low White)



No Tabby Markings 

"Blue Tuxedo" (Low White)


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